Akatsuki Wrist Wrap

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Premium Cloud wrist wraps designed to offer exceptional support in the gym

For starters, these Hades World™ Premium Wrist Wraps stand out with their extended length and increased thickness compared to other wrist wraps. They also incorporate an extended Velcro tab and a convenient thumb loop to ensure they stay securely in place throughout every repetition, providing you with the safety and support you need.

Hades World™ Premium Wrist Wraps can prove beneficial in various scenarios where wrist strength and support are crucial, particularly during pressing and pushing exercises.

Whether you're an elite athlete or a casual gym enthusiast, these top-tier wrist wraps are available in an elegant black and red design, complete with stylish rubber badge branding.

Key features:

- Exceptionally longer and thicker than alternative wraps

- Deliver ultra-supportive and comfortable performance

- Suitable for all forms of weight training

- Showcasing a sleek Cloud design with the distinctive leather Hades World™ badge

- Sold as a pair (2 per pack)